Beamery web design
Web | UI | Interaction
As part of the 2017 Beamery rebrand, I created and redesigned numerous parts of the Beamery website. Here is a selection.
Beamery Academy is a hub for Beamery-produced resources, including ebooks, reports, and webinars. I designed the main Academy page, along with the individual resource landing pages.
New content is posted on the blog on a weekly basis, and it is followed by talent leaders at the world's top companies. I was responsible for redesigning the interface and structure of the blog, while also crafting a new visual direction for the blog banners.
I designed a page to showcase Beamery's range of customers, linking to in-depth customer case studies to demonstrate the impact and value of implementing our product.
Pages was one of our biggest product launches to date. It called for a sleek, descriptive promotional page to showcase the new features on offer. This involved user interface and interaction design, as well as icon and product illustrations. 
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