Beamery ebooks
Layout | Typography | Illustration | Art Direction
Beamery regularly releases ebooks with original content, covering a variety of topics related to recruitment. These resources serve as industry cornerstones, with talent leaders from top companies downloading and sharing them regularly. I designed, art directed, and illustrated these projects; you can view a full range here.
A colossal 121-page guide, full of worksheets, tips, and strategies to help you build a complete recruitment marketing strategy.
Surveying over 400 industry leaders, we compiled this visual report on 2019's most disruptive talent engagement trends.
A 'lookbook' featuring visual examples of how Beamery customers use branded microsites and email campaigns to attract talent. Cover by Mia Huang.

A cohesive guide to the principles of talent engagement, exploring why talent acquisition teams are now shifting their focus towards engagement.
We looked at eleven components that have the most impact on a talent acquisition team's success. Cover by Mia Huang
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