Beamery Forms
UI | UX | User Research
The majority of Beamery users are enterprises who seek to recruit the best and brightest candidates in their industries. They needed a way to capture candidate information at large-scale recruitment events, and also seamlessly add people to their talent pool through online campaigns. 
I worked on a cross-functional team of engineers and product managers to redesign Beamery Forms, addressing our users' biggest pain points. They would often face poor internet connection at careers fairs and campus events, which was a major obstacle for capturing candidate data. Recognising that time and attention are scarce at such events, we simplified the candidate check-in process and also added offline functionalities.
Another critical need was adding more configurability to the questions that users could set up in their Beamery form. We revamped the form builder, giving users the ability to add questions in a variety of formats, as well as branded sign-in pages and thank you pages. We introduced multi-language support and form variations; this was a critical need for our multinational users who are looking to fill roles in their worldwide offices. 
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