Beamery Email Templates
UI | UX | User Research
Email Templates speeds up recruiting workflows by giving users instant access to the messages and campaigns that they send out the most. As our customer base scaled, it became apparent that the limited functionalities of Email Templates needed a complete upheaval. I worked on a cross-functional team of product managers and engineers to redesign Email Templates. Our goal was to introduce the following features:
1. Increased branding and messaging controls for administrator users,
2. The ability to sort, filter, manage and share templates,
3. A more intuitive and user-friendly interface.
We introduced a folder system for users to easily organise large volumes of email templates. This also gave administrators the ability to create default, company-approved public templates for everyone in their organisation to use. Sortable columns display valuable information about each template; Times Used offers information about which templates are most frequently used, while Reply Rate measures how much candidate engagement is being leveraged by each.
I also refreshed our email composer, making it easier access our most commonly used email tools, such as candidate variables and form insertion. Our goal was to reduce the mental load for our users while also encouraging them to use the powerful integration and automation tools at their disposal.
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